Glanders Disease: Stay Alert If You Are Travelling to Uttarakhand

If you’re traveling Uttarakhand, stay alert because many districts have turned into hotspots regarding the transmission of glanders from horses to humans.

Due to glanders disease in horse species, Uttarakhand continues to be a hotspot. It includes the holy district Udham Singh Nagar now days Rishikesh has become the Hotspot, Pauri Garhwal, and Haridwar is the second hotspot.

Glanders is an infectious disease which is caused by the bacterium Burkholderia mallei. It is a deadly infectious disease of horses. Major clinical signs of glanders are Boils or lumps on the body, dryness, and bleeding from the horse’s nose are all symptoms of this disease.

When humans come in contact with horses, they can easily infected the disease. Horse caretakers and veterinarians can get infections through the nose, mouth, fur and droplets. The symptoms of this disease in humans includes muscle pain, chest pain, stiffening in the muscles, headache, and runny nose.

Infectious Glanders in Uttarakhand are now deeply concerning for nearby states. In Uttarakhand, 1577 samples in total were tested between April 2017 and August 2022 in which revealed eight positive cases.

Cases Found in Uttarakhand:

District- Glanders Disease Case

Haridwar- 2

Champawat- 1

Udham Singh Nagar- 6

Pauri Garhwal- 2

Almora- 2

Dehradun- 40

Nanital- 3

Bageshwar- 7

Total- 63 (Note: This case is from April 2017 to August 2022)

Glanders disease is very dangerous. This disease also affects the human population. Basically it is a zoonotic disease. The major clinical signs of this disease in Human include. Muscle-pain, chest pain, stiffing in the muscles, headache and runny nose.

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